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Now to cover up their massive financial fraud, government slavery, the raw/cbi employees are blocking all the paid work, to prove that their fake allegations are true. So the domain investor is forced to look for new ways to make a small amount of money
One way to make a small amount of money is listening to radio using the Mode app. The amount is very small, 2150 points are required to get paid $0.1, and 3600 points for $0.25. The user can make approximately 100 points daily, listening to the radio station for approximately four hours daily. While government agencies are extremely aggressive in blocking work on the desktop, they do not block the low end work on mobiles. Since the domain investor has invested in several mobiles for internet connection, listening to radio stations is one way to make a small amount of money online, passive income. Also helps to find out the popular singers and music at present.
One payment was received and the app is being reviewed.