Taking My Mind off the Past

I was married to the most amazing woman for 5 years, but she was diagnosed with a terminal condition and died in the hospital. Seeing her condition get worse and worse over the course of a couple of weeks was heart breaking for me. There were times when I would just cry. Some time has passed since her death, and I went to Las Vegas with some friends to get my mind off of her death. They set up a meeting with a brunette escort for me so that I could have a good time.

I was still wearing my wedding ring, even though my wife was gone. My friends told me that I would only experience pain every time I looked at it, but I just couldn’t bring myself to take it off. In some ways, it was a way of preventing me from doing anything that would try to replace my wife. I was reluctant to see other women and kept the ring on to remind me that I had been married, even though death had took my wife from me. I kept the ring on for my meeting with the escort.

The topic of my wife came up during my escort meeting and the escort told me that she was sorry for my loss. I could feel that the mood of the date was changing as I talked about my wife, so I escort decided to change the subject to make things better. She took my hand and we went for a walk. The lights of Las Vegas are pretty nice to look at during the night. The escort suggested that we go up to my room and have some wine to relax. We did and I started to loosen up. We laughed and joked around for a bit before having some intimate time.