Transfer iPod songs

Procedure for transferring iPod songs to a PC are:
1) Connect the iPod to the PC. If iTunes starts erasing the music automatically, use the X in the upper right hand corner of iTunes display, to the left of the search box, to stop it.
2) In Control Panel, Portable Media Devices, double-click your iPod icon.
In the Tools menu -> Options and in the View Tab, check “Show hidden files and folders.”
3) Navigate to the Music folder. On a 5th gen Ipod, the full path is
Select all the music folders, which contain the songs you want, and drag and drop them into a folder on your hard drive, or directly into iTunes.

The iPod music folder structure is unusual, but once you move the files into iTunes you can configure it to automatically organize your folder by artist and album to clean that up. To do this, in  the iTunes Edit menu, select Preferences and in the Advanced tab, check “Keep iTunes Music Folder organized.”

Dance Songs

Some of the popular dance songs are:

  • Rihanna- Disturbia
  • Flo Rida & The Ayer
  • Ciara- 1, 2 Step
  • Flo Rida- Elevator
  • Basshunter now your gone
  • Basshunter all i ever wanted
  • Eric prydz pjanoo
  • Hit da floor by Twista
  • Aerosmith-dream on
  • Eminem-sing for the moment

Popular musicians

Some of the popular musicians are:

50 cent
miley cyrus
hilary duff
Ashley tisdale
natasha bedingfield
britney spears
backstreet boyz
linkin park
vanessa hudgens
daddy yanky
jonas bros
snoop dog
taylor swift
avril lavigne
pussycat dolls
kelly clarkson
demi lovato
enrique iglesias
chris brown

Guitar notes

Some resources where a guitarist can find guitar notes of albums and songs are: – in tabs – in tab format

You can get books with either tab or notation for guitars.
You can also use lesson books or straight song books, and songbooks of specific albums.

It is difficult to find notes or sheet music online.

Lyrics of English Songs

Some websites for lyrics of English songs are: – for dance / trance music and related music

Songs for an audition

Some songs which can be sung at an audition by teenagers are:
“A lot of living to do” from Bye Bye Birdie
“My Own Little Corner” – Cinderella
“One Boy” from Bye Bye Birdie
“Much More” – The Fantastiks
“Far From the Home I Love” – Fiddler
Someone Like You from Jekyll & Hyde
Castle on a Cloud from Les Miserables
“Loverly” from “My Fair Lady”
Tomorrow from Annie

Downloading songs

The legal way to download music is by paying for it and  there a few websites where songs can be downloaded for free, though with some limitations. Some of these websites are:
1. Limewire – not very safe, a firewall, anti virus and spyware remover should be installed on the computer before download songs through Limewire
2. – some users find it safe
3. Some band websites allow you to download a few songs for free
4. Pilotspeed (formerly Pilate)
5. Soulseek
6. Using the audio section of Dogpile and type in the name of the song wanted. They have many songs available for download
7. Other P2P (Peer to Peer) websites like Warez, Morpheus, Zultrax and Ares