Art and Knowledge About Dancers in London

Dance is a poem of which each movement is a word, so learning to dance is an art, and you can master that through dancers in london.

We often have the impression that dancing attracts more women than men. Whether you are a woman or a man, learning to dance is, first and foremost, memorizing movements and sequences to create a choreography.

Dance appeals to kinetic memory, the memory of movement and its repetition. It’s a great way to exercise your brain, but it requires concentration, involvement, and a certain amount of rigor to successfully master a choreography or even create your own. Here are all our tips for mastering the art of choreography.

To learn to dance and master a choreography, you must literally follow a few steps. If you take classes at a dance school, your dance teacher will be your guide. He’s the one who will help you learn how to do counts and sequences, starting with learning the basic steps.

You will gradually become familiar with the rhythms of the chosen dance style, to better understand it and anticipate the movements.

Anyway, whatever dance style you choose, here are our tips for getting a choreography to assimilate and reproducing it perfectly:

Maximum concentration: Observe your teacher before starting to reproduce the dance steps. Stay focused during all explanations and be aware of corrections he may provide to you or other students;

Movement counting: At the beginner level, your bachata, classical dance or modern jazz teacher will teach you how to count by putting your movements.

One thing at a time: don’t try to memorize leg movements, arm placement, gaze direction and body orientation at the same time. Proceed in stages.

Create mental pictures: certain steps can make you think of something. For example, turning the pivot feels like a compass drawing a circle on the ground. It’s up to you to create your own stories to assimilate steps and choreographic sequences;

Make a film: Ask your Argentine tango, west coast swing or contemporary dance teacher if it is possible to film the choreography to analyze and repeat it at home;

Write or draw the choreography: This advice is similar to the one above, but it allows some people to memorize the steps better, it all depends on your learning process. Some people are more visual, others more auditory, etc;

Repeat several times: there are no secrets. To progress and memorize faster and faster, you must repeat, repeat and repeat.

Just want to have fun, learning to dance with professionals is something that takes time and dedication, but it will certainly be relaxing and will do you good physically and mentally.