Installing Air Units Isn’t Always Easy

The amount of issues that I had as someone who could not figure out how to install my air unit was insane! No matter what I did, the unit wouldn’t work and just nothing went right. I ended up having to cave and call for backup and looked for air conditioner installation in NYC. It was my only hope of getting this done and done correctly!

Thankfully, there are a lot of installers in New York and most of them were cheap and ready to come at a moments notice. I ended up going with this guy who said he lived right in the same complex as me. He came over really fast since he was just “down the hall.” I told him about the issues I was having. I was reading the directions and not a single thing was working out for me on the AC unit. He told me “Sometimes the directions are useless.” I felt that he might not know what he was talking about, but went along with it. I think he could tell I was questioning that and asked to see the instructions.

I handed them to him and he showed me “The instructions are for a F series unit, you have the B series. They run completely different.” He also showed me how the labels on the unit in the directions wasn’t even in the thing spots as the unit I had. I felt a lot better about that after it was explained to me. He explained what he was doing as he hooked up my system and told me “Sometimes producers of the units say it’s close enough and just add the old instructions so they don’t have to reprint them. It’s dumb, but it’s what they do.” He had installed so many units that he could do this in his sleep!

When he turned it on, and the air was coming out he told me that it might take a moment for the air to get cooler but it will. I was more impressed that he could just install a unit without really reading anything about it. I talked to him all the time after that and any time I had an issue, I called him and would get him to help me out. He would always offer to do it for free but I would pay him whatever he charged.