We Both Like Sloane Residences

My fiance and I were looking at new condo developments in the area. We are not getting married until next year, but we wanted to get a head start on finding where we would live together as husband and wife. Right now, he has a small condo with his brother, and I still live with my parents. These arrangements will stay in place until we are married, and we just recently decided that Sloane Residences in Singapore is going to be where we live just as soon as we are married.

The good thing about Sloane Residences is that it is not even ready yet. That gives us plenty of time to just move forward at the pace we have already set for ourselves. We both picked out different condo developments, but we kept finding faults with what each other picked. When my fiance showed me the details about Sloane Residences, I am not sure who was more surprised between the two of us that I liked it just as much as he did. It was the first condo that we had not only come the closest on agreeing to but we also both really loved everything about it.

He showed me the website with all the renderings and drawings about what the developer is envisioning for the development. Not only did all of that look good, but the general location is perfect for us too. They still have to tear down the old buildings and then build the new ones, so that gives us the time we need to. It really could not be more perfect, so we both signed up to get new details on the condo development as they emerge. Every time I see one in my email box, I get so excited to see what else is going on with what is going to be my first home with my husband.