My Car Was Crushed by an Oak Tree Just Minutes After I Got out of It

I pulled into our driveway arriving home early from work. My wife and kids had just gotten home a few minutes ago, and they had all been out in the driveway when I pulled up. A storm was coming in. It was getting windy under a dark sky filled with black clouds. Lightning was still in the distance but getting closer. We were just headed into the house when a large branch of one of the oak trees next to our driveway flattened my car. I called a company that does Nassau County tree removal to come out the next day to get the tree off of my car so it could be towed away. It was considered a total loss by the insurance company.

The oak branch flattened the roof down into the seats. It crushed a U-shape into the tops of the driver and passenger doors. All of the glass was broken.The branch was huge and went out in two directions. The front part of the V-shape of the branch crushed the hood and damaged the engine. I never thought that a tree could do so much damage, and this was just one of the large branches on that oak tree. After the company that does Nassau County tree removal got rid of the fallen branch, I had them take down that oak tree and the other two that lined our driveway. I did not want to risk any more falling branches.

I lifted a piece of the oak about a foot in length. It was enormously heavy. Oak is a dense wood, and it is much heavier than it looks. It is no wonder it was able to crush my car like that. I shudder to think what might have happened if we had still been in the driveway close to my car.