Make the decision on buying either an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar

To start with, there is always a problem choosing the right guitar for the beginners. Everyone wants to look good while and feel comfortable while playing a guitar. The first thing that every beginner needs to do is make a decision in choosing between acoustic guitars and electric guitars. Knowledge of both guitars can make it easier to make the decision on which guitar to buy.

The simple difference between an electric and an acoustic guitar is the amplification.

An acoustic guitar ampifies the vibrations from the strings through their hollow body. These guitars are more limited in shape, that also makes a difference on the sound. An acoustic guitars does not have the wider choosing option. One is steel string guitar and another is nylon string guitar. Nylon string guitars are mostly used for classical, flamenco and folk tunes and steel string guitars are generally used for country rock music.

The difference between steel and nylon string is that the steel string is louder than the nylon string, also steel is played with a pick and nylon almost always is played with fingers, I have also seen guitarists playing both type of acoustic guitars by their fingers.

An electric guitar has pickups, which are steel bars wrapped with wire that hear the vibrations formed by the strings and then sends these signals to an amplifier and are also much easier to play. If you do think about purchasing an electric guitar, then you will also have to spend a bit more money on a good amp, which can be rather expensive.

Mostly guitarists look for a guitar, which has qualities of both acoustic and electric guitars. You should always go for your own preference, because you will be the one learning the guitar. Most people do say that if you start with acoustic guitar then playing an electric guitar becomes rather easy.