Transfer iPod songs

Procedure for transferring iPod songs to a PC are:
1) Connect the iPod to the PC. If iTunes starts erasing the music automatically, use the X in the upper right hand corner of iTunes display, to the left of the search box, to stop it.
2) In Control Panel, Portable Media Devices, double-click your iPod icon.
In the Tools menu -> Options and in the View Tab, check “Show hidden files and folders.”
3) Navigate to the Music folder. On a 5th gen Ipod, the full path is
Select all the music folders, which contain the songs you want, and drag and drop them into a folder on your hard drive, or directly into iTunes.

The iPod music folder structure is unusual, but once you move the files into iTunes you can configure it to automatically organize your folder by artist and album to clean that up. To do this, inĀ  the iTunes Edit menu, select Preferences and in the Advanced tab, check “Keep iTunes Music Folder organized.”