9D Deep Bass “True Wireless” In-Ear Earbuds

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9D Deep Bass “True Wireless” In-Ear Earbuds With Charging Box


True wireless stereo, HIFI sound.
Both the left and right ears have full Bluetooth headset functionality and can be used individually or in pairs.
Dual-mode Bluetooth 5.0, ultra-low power consumption.
Bluetooth transmission distance: 10 meters barrier-free.
Listening to song time: about 4-5 hours
Battery capacity (charge box): Built-in 3000mAh large-capacity battery. Can charge headphones 25 times.
Standby time: about 120 hours.
Noise reduction technology: CVC8.0.

Automatic pairing:

1. Remove the left and right (LR) headphones from the charging case. The ear will automatically open and connect

2. Turn on the phone Bluetooth search and click on the main headset name to pair.

3. When used again, they will automatically connect to your Bluetooth device.

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To cover up FINANCIAL FRAUD, CYBERCRIME citizens talking loudly falsely labelled mentally unsound

The FIR filed against rhea chakraborty by KK singh, the father of actor sushant singh rajput, shows how declaring hardworking people mentally unsound has become a big racket in India, especially in some places like panaji, goa
People who are hardworking and have saved money are being harassed all the time, especially if they are single and are always being threatened that they will be sent to a mental asylum.
For example if some one will speak loudly on the mobile phone, because the other person cannot hear, or there is a lot of background noise, they are treated like mentally unsound persons. If the person speaks loudly because they are upset, they are threatened with electric shocks

It is very risky to trust anyone, because large companies in the tech, internet and other sectors, are always ruthless in declaring people mentally unsound after committing cybercrime, financial fraud on them, especially if they complain.

People hearing voices are mentally tortured, they are not mentally unsound

Sushant Singh Rajput was mentally tortured, yet police falsely claim that it was a suicide
The death of Sushant Singh Rajput again highlighted the indian mainstream media’s refusal to be honest about voice to skull technology which is being used extensively for mentally torturing people all over india.
In this rediff article, hearing voices is mentioned, however, it is dismissed as a psychological disorder when it is a clear case of mental torture
www. rediff .com /movies/column/how-can-sushant-be-gone/20200614.htm
suffering a psychological disorder, were hearing voices.
Subhash K Jha
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MP3 player review – sample for reference

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Most people enjoy listening to music since it helps them to relax and feel happy. However, increasingly people lead busy lives, and spend a large part of their day outside their homes, travelling or at their workplace. So they are looking for a compact and affordable music player which produces high quality music and can be easily carried wherever they wish. The ShangLing M0 Lossless MP3 Player is the newest model of MP3 player available in the market and incorporates the latest technology to produce high quality sound, while having the smallest size and lowest weight among the music players available in the market.

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The M0 Lossless MP3 Player uses a special high density HDI PCB board from Microvia with multiple layers, so that a large number of components can be combined taking up less space. Compared to the standard PCB board used in other MP3 players, this provides better electrical connectivity and also ensures that the signal interference is minimized to get the best quality sound. The M0 player is 38% smaller than the previous M1 music player from Shanling, yet has double the power. For high quality sound the music player uses the ES9218P Sabre audio chip from ESS technologies. The tiny chip has a high quality 32 bit Quad DAC, integrated amplifier for the headphone, low output impedance and consumes very less power. The chip has a signal to noise ratio of 118dB and sampling rate of 384 kHz/32 bit.

Kindly note that this sample article was written for a client who did not pay for it. If you are interested in a similar article, please send an email to info@blogposts.in or skype at nkinf@hotmail.com. More than 50 similar articles are usually supplied to customers worldwide monthly , and proof can be provided.

Shanling has developed a new os only for music players


The M0 Hi-Res Music Player uses the new Mtouch OS which has recently been developed by Shanling specifically for playing music.Since this OS does not contain any other software modules, the music player is very easy to use, quick and can be controlled using a few finger swipes.

The gadget incorporates LDAC technology from Sony which supports the 24 bit/96 kHz high resolution music files. The Aptx technology from Qualcomm ensures that higher quality music is produced though wireless technology is used.

The music player has a USB connection and a two way Bluetooth 4.1 connection. The two way Bluetooth allow the music player to stream music to speakers, headphones and also receive bluetooth signal from phones and other sources.

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Dog barking makes it difficult to hear audios clearly

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The dogs are barking almost continuously at some times of the day in the area, and it is very irritating for a person who is trying to listen and remember a speech or discussion

“Bring me the head of the dog” Khashoggi killing ordered on Skype

One of the problems in giving great powers to young people, is that they are often fairly rash, and take decisions without thinking of the consequences.
For example the killing of Saudi Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi was allegedly ordered on Skype, with the message “Bring me the head of the dog” acccording to media sources worldwide

However it appears that the killers and their boss were not aware of the fact that Skype is a very insecure method of communication.
The voice call was allegedly retrieved from the servers, and the Turkish agencies allegedly have got a copy of the voice call . So though young people are aware of the latest technologies they are not aware of the loopholes of the technology ,like leaving digital footprints which can be used at a later date.

The killers were extremely professional in ensuring that everyone left the Saudi embassy within 12 hours of the killing for Saudi Arabia, so that the Turkish government could not take any action. The body was also allegedly dissolved in acid, to leave no trace. However their incomplete understanding of technology, electronic gadgets , software Iwatch, Skype ensured that the whole world had detailed logs, audio recordings dand information about one of the most widely covered killings in the last decade

Iwatch audio recording widely considered proof that Jamal Khashoggi was killed

Though the indian mainstream media continues to give only the official version of the Jamal Khashoggi killing, the media in western countries has been carrying very explicit details of the gruesome murder.

According to the middleeasteye.co.uk, the turkish investigators have got an audio recording allegedly from the Iwatch of the journalist
It showed that a 15 member squad from Saudi Arabia allegedly grabbed him, and the consul Otaibi asked them to do all this outside , because he would get into trouble.
However members of the squad told the consul to shut up, if he wanted to come back to Saudi Arabia alive, after his term was over.
The fingers of the journalist were allegedly cut when he was still alive.
Loud screaming was heard, and then the journalist was injected with some substance to silence him, before he was murdered in 7 minutes
A senior government official in Forensic department was allegedly involved in the killing.

The audio tape clearly indicates that it is very easy to get some kind of proof of any incident, because almost everyone has phones, with call, voice and audio recording facility .