The Best Movie Racing Scenes

Throughout recent years there have been so many different car scene movies, there have basically been the good bad and the awful, but what are some of the best scenes? Well let us take a look and see.


Probably one of the original car scenes, it probably had one of the greatest close up camera angles that brought you right into the action. Still probably wipes the floor with the majority of

The Fast and the Furious

Well this is not just one scene it’s a whole oracle of high speed races and smashes, which simply are mind-blowing. The fast and furious movie changed the way that high speed races should be, it was a true moment in film history.

Matrix Reloaded

You always knew that if the matrix did a car scene chase, then it was not going to be any ordinary car scene chase, they were going to use effects that we had never seen before, and that is exactly what they did.

The Italian Job

I believe this automobile scene was in all likelihood one of the better, and it’s potentially a film that made the mini cooper sell fabulously. The film also has a tremendous storyline.


Once again another out of the mouth action film that keeps the adrenaline ticking right up until the end. Transporter delivers its driving scene like no other and keeps the action pumping all the way end-to-end.

The French Connection

Well to sum things up what can you genuinely say about this scene, another great classic movie that will genuinely be remembered with some of the most mind blowing car chase scenes that you will ever see.

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