Everyone loves Vegas right?

Vegas has been the set for so many films and celebrities over the years and here are just a few of them:

Diamonds Are Forever

This is the seventh film in the series and stars Sean Connery once again as James Bond. This time Bong impersonates a diamond smuggler to gain access into a smuggling ring and soon discovers that one of his old nemesis Blofield is really behind the entire thing. Surprise surpise he wanted to hold the world to ransom using a giant satellite.

Vegas vacation

This is actually the fourth movie in the vacation series and Chevy Chase once again steps in as the comical Clark W. Griswold. This time the family head off to Las Vegas and although Ellen has doubts because Vegas is not really known for its family fun days, and yet they head off anyway. Of course this being a vacation film diaster hits but is eventually fixed at the end it finishes on a high note.


Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci are the stars in this film. Robert plays Sam Rothstein who is called in by the mob to oversee the operations in a Casino within Las Vegas. Pesci comes in as the psychopath sent in to make sure everything that De Niro is doing is done properly. This film is based loosely on the non-fiction of the same title.

if you havent had a chance to watch any of these films then they are worth a look at. The last film on the list is the only film not really suitable for a young audience.

Then again if you fancy visiting Las Vegas then why not go on one of those holidays to Vegas or even perhaps one of those USA tours. American holidays can be expensive but they are most certainly worth the money.