Vengaboys in Goa

As part of Seagram Imperial Blue’s superhit nights, Heineken and Dio present Vengaboys at Mapusa , Open ground (next to KTC bus stand), Goa on sunday 10, May 2015 . Gates open at 4pm. Tickets available at the venue

Opening act : Forefront, Edwin Fernandes, & the 3 Horse Man

Hospitality Partner: Radisson, Candolim,Goa
Powered by:Hype Entertainment
Media channel partner : 9XO
India tour partner: KCT
Airline partner: AirAsia
Four wheeler partner : Quadros
Ticketing partner: Bookmyshow
Radio partner: Radio Mirchi

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Indian naval band in concert

Goa naval area in association with Kala Academy Panjim presented the Indian Naval Band in concert

11 and 12 April 2015 at Kala Academy 1800 hrs

Free passes were available at Kala Academy Panjim and Naval Officers Institute

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