There is a Good Solution for Women

I always thought males were the only ones that had changes and troubles with their hair. I did not realize that when many women get older, they can suffer a variety of issues, too. While it is true that the average female does not go bald, many experience changes in texture, thinning, bald spots and more. Some of these things were what caused me to need curly hair extensions for myself recently. I am truly grateful that we have something to help us in this day and time.

When I was a very young girl, I had very curly hair. I thought it would always be that way, and so did my parents. They both have curly hair, so it just seemed natural that I would be the same. But as I grew older, the curls relaxed a bit. I did not think too much about it. But later, I had a child. Continue reading “There is a Good Solution for Women”

Majestic Maple Succumbs to Snow Plow Hit

Last year a snow plow really hit the big maple tree between the sidewalk and the road very hard. The grand old tree took the hit not seeming to be damaged too much. However, when we called a place that does tree pruning in Brooklyn NY to come out and trim it this summer, it was discovered that the hit by the plow damaged a large section of the layer just under the bark that transports the nutrients the tree needs to live. I thought the whole tree moved the sap. It turns out it is just a thin layer just under the bark that does it.

They told me that a tree can be killed by cutting into the layer around the tree. Continue reading “Majestic Maple Succumbs to Snow Plow Hit”