Trying to Improve My Diet

I had to walk up 9 flights of stairs the other day and it was a rather upsetting thing to figure out how bad of an effect it had on me. Of course the building did not seem to have air conditioning that work and I had walked a long distance to get to this building on time for my appointment. I have decided that I need to try to improve my diet and get in much better shape. I already found a web page that has a organic store in Singapore. Continue reading “Trying to Improve My Diet”

Having a Tough Time with a Car

At a busy intersection, I was rammed from behind by a pickup truck a year ago. The accident caused me to suffer from a broken neck and wrist. I wore a cast for a few months and couldn’t go to work. The driver of the truck blamed me for the accident, even though he was the one who rammed into me. I contacted a personal injury lawyer in Ajax and filed a lawsuit against the other driver. The other driver got his own lawyer and countersued me for the damages to his truck.

Many witnesses at the scene of the accident were interviewed, but they didn’t really get a good look at the accident until it already happened. One person thought they saw the truck hit my car, but they weren’t too sure. Continue reading “Having a Tough Time with a Car”

Energy consumption of home appliances, electronic devices in India

Looking for information on the energy consumption of various electronic devices and home appliances in India for a listing on the website Home Energy information.
The energy consumption of different brands, electronic devices and appliances are needed for
1. Refrigerator
2. Mixer
3. Food processor
4. Baking oven
5. Microwave oven
6. Rice cooker
7. Roti maker
8. Laptop with 14-15″ display
9. LCD display
10. Desktop computer
11. Netbook with 10″ display
12. CRT monitor
13. Sewing machine

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