Why businesses should have a toll free phone number

Though digital communication methods like email and sms are inexpensive and popular, they also have a number of disadvantages. Often digital communication will be intercepted or manipulated so it will not be genuine. The recipient may receive or view the sms or email after some time, so the sender will receive a delayed response if any. Thus phone communication remains the most reliable way to communicate with people and provide information whenever they need it. Hence a free phone chatline has become the preferred method for businesses to communicate with customers and for getting assistance in an emergency.

If the potential customer will be charged for using the phone line, he or she may think twice about enquiring about the product or service which is being marketed, so the business could lose some enquiries. If the free phone chatline will be properly marketed among potential customers, a person who has a passing interest in the product or service being promoted will call up to find out more. The staff handling the phone line will then have an opportunity to convert the enquiry into a lead and even a sale, providing the potential customer all the information he or she will need.

Most businesses of all sizes will have a budget for marketing or advertising their product or service online and offline using banner ads, newspaper advertisement and out of home advertising. The free phone chatline number should be promoted on all these advertisement so that more potential customers can see the toll free number and make a phone call. The company should ensure that they have trained staff to answer all the questions asked by potential customers using the free phone chatline to improve the possibility of converting the enquiries into orders. If the staff does not have an answer immediately, they should note down customer details to be able to call at a later date.