Trying to Improve My Diet

I had to walk up 9 flights of stairs the other day and it was a rather upsetting thing to figure out how bad of an effect it had on me. Of course the building did not seem to have air conditioning that work and I had walked a long distance to get to this building on time for my appointment. I have decided that I need to try to improve my diet and get in much better shape. I already found a web page that has a organic store in Singapore. It is something that I need to figure out how to do, because the big thing is that I am going to have to cut my calory intake by a substantial amount. I also need to burn off a good amount of weight some way or another. I have not got a plan for that just yet and I have to think about how to do it so that it works over the long term. It is not any use to try something for a couple of weeks and then forget about it. I probably looked a frightening sight when I reached the office of the gentleman I was supposed to meet. He seemed to be worried that I was going to drop dead on him and since he owned the building I think that he was worried that my next of kin would sue him after I dropped dead. It was easy to see that I needed to do something before it got worse and I think that the fright I got is probably good for me. I need to make sure that I act like I understand that I need to act like I have a good sense of what it is that I need to do.