One is Better Than the Other

Seeing one Ewen Chia review was enough for me to become a believer in marketing. I was unemployed when I first started marketing. Any money that I was making at the time was essentially crowd source work. The work was so random and sporadic that I didn’t know when I would be getting my next task to make more money, and even then I would be competing with other people to get the same task. If someone else got to the task before me, I would be out of luck and would have to find something else to fill the void.

Without the work, I would be left without any way to pay my bills. There were sometimes when I had to let some bills become past due because I couldn’t pay them on time due to not having enough money from crowd source work. I even had my phone cut off once and had to use the Internet to make phone calls. I always made sure that my Internet bill was paid off, because without the Internet, I couldn’t do any work. I just couldn’t take it anymore and needed something with a little more steady pay and less competition.

I put together a simple website and started marketing during one weekend. That same weekend, I was still doing crowd source work, trying to make ends meet. The work that I did for that entire weekend amounted to me having only a little more than $30, while the website that I set up for marketing made me over $100. There was something clearly wrong with that comparison. I was working extra hard for less pay. I just stopped doing crowd work entirely and focused solely on marketing. I don’t have to worry about trying to snatch up work before anyone else now.