Destroying evidence of phone number misuse fraud

The frauds who got a new Aircel connection misusing the obc engineers phone number are now trying to cover up their fraud. Abusing the powers they have got They have deleted the sms which aircel had sent the obc engineer as proof of the fraud mobile phone connection taken using her mobile phone number.

These customer support of Air** tried to trivialize the matter falsely claiming that the number was being misused by a friend of the obc engineer without her permission. However after 5 years of harassment the obc engineer knows that she has no friends who will help her in an emergency, the defamation campaign launched by powerful officials out of hatred and greed, wasting a huge amount of tax payer money, has been very successful,

Allegedly powerful officials instigated by google, tata, paypal and other companies are falsely claiming that their lazy greedy cheater friends and relatives are the friends of the obc engineer to justify the exploitation and human rights atrocities the obc engineer has been subjected to, and to justify the diversion of the correspondence, When these greedy cheater women will not reply or contact the obc engineer, how are these officials falsely claiming that their fraud friends and relatives are connected to the obc engineer these women are ruthlessly cheating to get great powers for themselves.

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