Having a Tough Time with a Car

At a busy intersection, I was rammed from behind by a pickup truck a year ago. The accident caused me to suffer from a broken neck and wrist. I wore a cast for a few months and couldn’t go to work. The driver of the truck blamed me for the accident, even though he was the one who rammed into me. I contacted a personal injury lawyer in Ajax and filed a lawsuit against the other driver. The other driver got his own lawyer and countersued me for the damages to his truck.

Many witnesses at the scene of the accident were interviewed, but they didn’t really get a good look at the accident until it already happened. One person thought they saw the truck hit my car, but they weren’t too sure. Footage from a traffic cam at the intersection was examined, and it showed that the truck ran into the back of my car momemts before the traffic light changed green. Because of this, the other driver dropped his suit and agreed to pay for the damage to my car, my medical bills, and my legal fees. It was a great victory for me.

While I was away from my job, another employee had taken on the responsiblities that I used to do. When he found out that I was coming back into work, he was excited, because he would finally have a lesser work load, and would be able to work a more normal shift. In addition to having more work, he was having a little overtime. Although he was getting paid for the overtime, he didn’t like the fact that he was having to do som much work, and that he was getting home so late. He wanted to see more of his family and kids.