From an Idea to Lines of Code

There have been so many success stories about people who have made their own apps and put them online for other people to download. There is one guy who made a simple app where you control a bird who flies up and down while dodging some pipes. It’s the simplest game you can ever think of, yet people downloaded it by the millions. The simplest ideas are the ones that really make you frustrated, because you realize that you could have done it too. I contacted a Singapore app developer for an idea that I had for a game.

My game wasn’t as simple as the one with the bird and the pipes. My game was a platform game with action moves. Continue reading “From an Idea to Lines of Code”

One is Better Than the Other

Seeing one Ewen Chia review was enough for me to become a believer in marketing. I was unemployed when I first started marketing. Any money that I was making at the time was essentially crowd source work. The work was so random and sporadic that I didn’t know when I would be getting my next task to make more money, and even then I would be competing with other people to get the same task. If someone else got to the task before me, I would be out of luck and would have to find something else to fill the void.

Without the work, I would be left without any way to pay my bills. Continue reading “One is Better Than the Other”

The Petty Revenge Against Trees

It’s finally happened. The thing you sought to escape has appeared in multiple forms on the morning you thought would be fine and allergy free. The first sign is the car cloaked in that near invisible dusty powder of sinus-clogging yellow; pollen. The next sign? The leafy green that has sprung up seemingly over night. A tree you thought long dead has given bloom to that thing which you hate the most. It has defied the tree service in Queens NY to give new life of green and vibrant, gnarled brown as if in defiance to your personal, deepest hope of being free from hay fever. I’m there with you, I understand the pain that is sinus pressure caving in your skull every morning. Continue reading “The Petty Revenge Against Trees”

Learning How to Make Money from a Pro

I have been working for other people since I was 14 years old. When I hit 35 years of age, I knew that I was never going to become as wealthy as the people I worked for, mainly because I was at the wrong end of the ladder. I knew that I wanted to have more in life, and I wanted to feel more relevant as well. That is why I looked into some Ewen Chia reviews to see if everything I had heard about this person was actually true. I found his name when I started doing some research on how to make money working for myself.

He is an online business person, and I really admired how far he has come himself. I wanted to see if I could have the same kind of success, but I also wanted to make sure that he was genuine because I really did not want to waste my time. Continue reading “Learning How to Make Money from a Pro”

It Was Great to Hear That My Old Friend is Doing So Well at This

I knew that a buddy of mine had been having a lot of trouble paying bills for a couple of years. He then decided to go a different direction with his career, and the last I heard, he was doing really well for himself. I thought this was fantastic, and I told him so when I ran into him one day at the mall. I asked him what he was doing, and he said that after reading a Ewen Chia review thanks to a friend’s advice, he signed up for Ewen’s training course that taught him how to become a really successful affiliate marketer.

My friend said that if I was interested in hearing more, we should go to lunch together that day so that we could talk about it. I could not pass up that offer, and we went to a really nice Chinese food restaurant. This particular restaurant is rather expensive, so I told him that I would pay for our lunch. He said our meal was on him because he was really doing well money-wise, and paying for the two of us would not be a problem at all. Continue reading “It Was Great to Hear That My Old Friend is Doing So Well at This”

Goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi phone call asking for housewife naina

To defame the obc single woman engineer, domain investor and paypal account holder, the fraud cbi, ntro, R&AW officials in panaji, goa allegedly bribed by google,tata have been falsely claiming that the domain names including this one belongs to the semiliterate housewife naina, to give her great powers.
The shameless lazy greedy GOAN GSB FRAUDS riddhi siddhi mandrekar have already allegedly got their lucrative R&AW job impersonating the obc engineer and do not lose a chance to waste indian tax payer money to harass, defame the obc engineer they are impersonating because the shameless fraud gsb officials in Panaji, Goa have diverted the phone calls of the obc engineer to the GOAN GSB FRAUDS.
At around 1.00 pm on 19 December 2015, the shameless lazy greedy goan gsb frauds R&AW employees riddhi siddhi mandrekar made a phone call to the obc engineer asking for naina, pretending to be from russell air systems , indicated that these shameless GOAN GSB FRAUDS, r&aw employees, are now falsely claiming that the semiliterate housewife naina owns the domain names to defame the obc engineer.

When will the fraud goan gsb R&AW employees riddhi siddhi mandrekar end their slander, defamation of the obc engineer, domain investor, wasting indian tax payer money

Tickets for concerts, events

Most concerts and events have a ticket which has to be purchased paying the specified fees, though some well connected people may get complimentary passes to the concert or show. The ticket will ensure that the number of people attending will be limited and proper arrangements can be made, covering the expenses involved.

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There is a Good Solution for Women

I always thought males were the only ones that had changes and troubles with their hair. I did not realize that when many women get older, they can suffer a variety of issues, too. While it is true that the average female does not go bald, many experience changes in texture, thinning, bald spots and more. Some of these things were what caused me to need curly hair extensions for myself recently. I am truly grateful that we have something to help us in this day and time.

When I was a very young girl, I had very curly hair. I thought it would always be that way, and so did my parents. They both have curly hair, so it just seemed natural that I would be the same. But as I grew older, the curls relaxed a bit. I did not think too much about it. But later, I had a child. Continue reading “There is a Good Solution for Women”

Majestic Maple Succumbs to Snow Plow Hit

Last year a snow plow really hit the big maple tree between the sidewalk and the road very hard. The grand old tree took the hit not seeming to be damaged too much. However, when we called a place that does tree pruning in Brooklyn NY to come out and trim it this summer, it was discovered that the hit by the plow damaged a large section of the layer just under the bark that transports the nutrients the tree needs to live. I thought the whole tree moved the sap. It turns out it is just a thin layer just under the bark that does it.

They told me that a tree can be killed by cutting into the layer around the tree. Continue reading “Majestic Maple Succumbs to Snow Plow Hit”

Goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi, brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar use voice synthesis for impersonation

The lazy greedy shameless goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi mandrekar, shivalli brahmin cheater housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar do not want to do any work at all, yet want to become rich and powerful overnight faking their resume. So powerful officials have diverted all the phone calls of a harmless obc bhandari engineer to these lazy greedy frauds so that they can impersonate her to run an extortion, bribery racket. Voice synthesis software is being used so that the impersonation will not be detected.