Who doesn’t love Lilo and Stitch?

Lilo and Stitch-Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride(English)

When Lilo and Stitch was on its way back in 2002, people were not really sure what to expect. The poster merely said Theres one in every family with a picture of what looked like a blue dog with big long ears with many of the most loved Disney characters sitting within the background. So what was this film going to be about, was it going to have many Disney folks in it or was it a spin on the films that Disney had previously made?

It turned out not to be either of these. Stitch was actually an aggressive alien from another planet who was turned good by Lilo’s love for him. This film was set in Hawaii and the film was nominated for an Academy Award and recieved and still does recieve a huge fan base. So fo course Disney saw this and soon after another film was released along with a television series based on the franchise. Disney had done something that they hadn’t achieved in years. It was a film much like the Jungle Book in the way the entire family could sit down and enjoy it.

Now Stitch is plastered over everything Disney from t-shirts, theme parks and other such things. What was it that made this film such a success, the fact that it was set in the beautiful Hawaii or that Stitch appeals to both genders?

Stitch can also be found in tomorowland of Walt Disney World in the form of his own ride. Hoodies, cups, t-shirts, pins you name it Stitch can be seen on it. If you havent seen the film it is well worth a watch just to see why this strange blue monster has created such hype over the years.

Of course you could go on one of those Hawaii holidays to see the island from the films. USA holidays are great for the entire family and if you are looking to meet Stitch himself then Orlando holidays is where you should be looking to go.