How are hand made acoustic guitars categorised in prices

Not sure why one guitar is expensive than the other. Some of the guitars are same make and model and still prices differ, I know one of the reason could be the quality of the wood it’s made of, but why does the prices differ so much?

I asked these questions to few people, which included, my friend, my colleague and a guitar seller, and they came up with the following answers.

My close friend who has been playing guitar since he was a kid said that the age of the wood that guitar is made of can be one factor of it being expensive. He also said that it is worth buying an expensive guitar which lasts long and also sounds better than any cheap guitars.

Over the Christmas one of my colleage built a guitar out of a cigar box. He also came up with similar answers to my friend. He said low end guitars usually have low quality to balane out the low price. Higher end guitars have high quality and better sound. The bigger the brand name the more expensive the price gets.

The prices come down to a lot of things, said the seller. It can be the brand, the wood the guitar is made of, the pickups and the age. Guitars such as acoustic guitars, are built with extreme attention to detail that is why it is bound to be more expensive, also just because the guitar is hand made doesn’t mean that it will sound good. Though some experts say that all hand made guitars have been built with extra care to make guitar sound great and also check to ensure that they have been set up correctly.

Here are some of the brand names who do acoustic guitars.

  • Tanglewood
  • Gibson
  • Ibanez
  • Vintage

The prices of the brand names above differ from one another. Where one guitar can cost £200 under one brand and the same guitar can cost above £200 under another brand. Whether it is hand made, classical or electric guitars the prices are similar.

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